In preparation for the OSA Aria, we recently asked Australian tenor David Hobson what advice he might give to our scholars and other young singers at the beginning their careers.

"Possibly the most important piece of advice I could give is that you must always strive to be the best YOU can be, meaning be YOU.

Your voice and talent is unique so whilst it’s good to emulate great singers and their relative techniques and interpretations, what audiences are most receptive to is the ‘You-ness’ that honestly tells the story from your perspective. This of course takes a lot study, patience and sacrifice. One never stops learning so don’t be in a hurry and make sure you listen and study all of the great works thoroughly. Listen widely to singers from all periods and be mindful that you’ll generally respond to the performers who sing with freedom, beauty of tone and are unique.

Languages are vital as is the ability to act truthfully, after all opera is music/drama and the drama must never be forgotten. In fact often times the key to singing a phrase better or producing a freer tone can be through imbuing the text and therefore music with well thought out dramatic intent. Get to the point where you are singing ideas, feelings and actions to the other characters on stage as opposed to thinking about dots on a page or a diaphragm using or falling."

Don't miss David Hobson as he adjudicates our OSA Scholars at this years 2016 OSA Aria - Sunday 4th September!