2018 OSA Season

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Should you be required to miss a rehearsal or concert, all absences must be communicated via the below N/A Approval Form. This includes inability to attend rehearsals due to illness.

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Please note: 1st year OSA Scholars are not eligible for an OSA Full Scholarship.

Scholarship applications will not be considered if received after 5pm on Friday 23rd February 2018.

2018 Season Information


Introductory Solos – Sunday 25 March, 2018, 11pm - 12.30pm (Brenan Hall, St Vincent’s Hospital, corner Victoria Parade and Nicholson St, Fitzroy)

Every scholar will sing an Aria or Art Song in front of the 2018 Scholar cohort and OSA Directors, creating the opportunity to hear the different voices and assist with planning for upcoming concerts.

On a regular basis, scholars will be given the opportunity to perform and to participate in a short master class session with our OSA directors or visiting specialists.

OSA Launch – Tuesday 27 March, 2018, 6.30 – 9pm (Brenan Hall)

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beginning of the new season, meet all participants, staff and receive a briefing about the program.

Moments in Opera workshop and concert – Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May 2018

This concert occurs at the end of the First Block rehearsal period. It will include a workshop on the Saturday then a concert on the Sunday featuring solos, small ensembles and full operatic choruses. It will be the first formal performance of the season and will showcase the work covered in the program so far. The venue is St Columbs in Hawthorn.

Private Coaching sessions with Yvonne Kenny AM – September 2018

This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge from one of the world’s greatest sopranos. The benefits for a scholar to work with Yvonne Kenny in both September and January (Beechworth Summer School) are invaluable. Yvonne Kenny is an artistic patron of Opera Scholars Australia.

·        55 minute session. Cost - $140
·        2 pieces of repertoire required – accompanist will be provided
·        Limited sessions available. All Scholars are notified when bookings become available.

OSA Aria Sunday 23 September, 2018

The OSA Aria concert is a high point in the Scholar Calendar. This concert will be held at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. Finalists are chosen to perform solos, as well as featuring the full ensemble. Eight scholars will perform as semi-finalists for the Opera Scholar of the Year competition, and three will go on to compete as finalists at Opera in the Alps, Beechworth. See below for further details about this part of the program.


Sunday January 13 – Sunday January 20, 2019

All Scholars travel to Beechworth for a week long residential Opera Summer School. During the week each scholar will receive two coaching sessions, one with internationally renowned soprano Yvonne Kenny AM and Tiffany Speight. Two pieces of repertoire will need to be prepared and may include art song, oratorio or operatic aria. Throughout the week, Scholars will have the opportunity to perform solo at either a lunchtime concert or at Voices in the Twilight, observe coachings, participate in ensemble sessions, performance workshops, dance, acting sessions and wellbeing exercise sessions. Additional known repertoire should also be brought to the Summer School.

Introductory Solos at Summer School – Sunday 13 January 2019

This is an opportunity for the OSA Summer School vocal coaches and repetiteurs to hear each participant at the commencement of the Summer School. Scholars perform for the full group.

Voices in the Twilight Concert Thursday January 17, 2019 – Beechworth

All scholars will participate in the ensemble items of this twilight concert. Some scholars will be chosen to sing solos/duets/trios.

Opera in the Alps – Saturday January 19, 2019 – Beechworth

All OSA members will perform in the main chorus at Opera in the Alps and feature as an ensemble for one or two items. Scholars will also perform in the Premium Dining and Premium Tapas areas prior the main event.

Opera in the Market – Monday March 4, 2019 – Queen Victoria Market

All scholars will perform in the main chorus at Opera in the Market with Opera Scholars Australia featuring as an ensemble for one or two items.  All scholars will be required to attend three of the four preceding Sunday rehearsals prior to Opera in the Market.

It is a requirement that Scholars participate in the full season which means the last performance commitment is Opera in the Market. Withdrawal from the season will not be accepted directly after the Summer School.


Corporate functions and recital programs during the year 

At times OSA is asked to put forward Scholars to perform at private performances throughout the year. Various Scholars are approached depending on what voice type has been requested, availability and other considerations. For some of these performances, scholars will receive a fee to cover expenses.

At the discretion of the Directors, selected scholars may also be chosen to sing solo items at the summer events.


The full fee scholarship for the Opera Scholars Australia program is $6,000 per year. Every successful participant receives a majority funded place in the program. Full scholarships may be available in your second year of the Program covering 100% of the fee. To be eligible for a full scholarship you must complete the Full Scholarship application form.

Financial hardship – if you need support due to financial hardship please refer to the application form above. Set criteria will need to be met to establish eligibility.


Performance Preparation Sessions are held on Tuesday nights and Opera in the Alps/Opera in the Market rehearsals are held on Sundays closer to the Summer events. Rehearsals are directed by Pat Miller, Graeme Wall, Margot Cory-Wall and Guest Conductors.  Additional Mentor sessions will also be scheduled through the season with industry professionals.

Areas covered in Performance Preparation Sessions:

  • Solo performance feedback

  • Repertoire learning

  • Ensemble learning

  • Stage choreography

  • Peer/peer feedback


The winner of Opera Scholar of the Year will be awarded the Betty Amsden AO Scholarship, a cash prize of $5,000. The scholarship recipient will also perform his/her winning aria at Opera in the Market on March 4, 2019, as the Opera Scholar of the Year.

How is the Opera Scholar of the Year chosen?

Up to eight semi-finalists are selected to perform and up to five finalists will then be nominated. The Directors will monitor the progress and performances of the finalists during the OSA season. They will then compete for Opera Scholar of the Year. The winner is chosen by a panel consisting of an adjudicator, OSA Music Director and the OSA Directors, Graeme and Margot Wall.

Consideration will be given to:
1.     Vocal quality and potential
2.    Musicianship (style, phrasing, vocal technique, pitch and note accuracy etc)
3.    Response to masterclass instruction
4.    Development regarding interpretation, presentation and performance
6.    Quality of rehearsal and performance at Opera in the Alps.
7.     Punctuality at all preparation sessions and performances

More details about the Scholar of the Year will be announced at the start of the 2018 season. 



This online platform will be used to transfer sheet music documents, calendar of events, event running sheets and descriptions and relevant forms throughout the 2018 season. These documents will not be distributed via email communication. You will be sent a google drive link to your nominated email address outlined in the acceptance form.


Most communication is administered through Facebook. Please advise us, should you not have a Facebook account or if during the season you deactivate your account so we are sure to keep you informed. You will be invited to join a private OSA Season 2018 facebook group in March 2018.


Should you be late or absent from a rehearsal please complete the online N/A form accessible through the above form which will be sent to you at the start of the season.

N.B. Should a scholar be unable to fulfill attendance and punctuality requirements, a review of their participation within the program will be undertaken by the OSA Directors and their position may be reevaluated


OSA will arrange for our photographer to take your photo and provide you with a professional headshot, for a fee of $50, that will be used throughout the OSA season at various performances and can also be used for your own purposes. 


The Scholar Committee is an opportunity for a representative group of Scholars to meet with the Directors to discuss the program, give ideas and scholar feed-back. It will consist of up to 6 members, including the Scholar of the Year, the trainee conductor and a mix of seasoned and new Scholars. The committee meets approx. every eight weeks.
N.B. All Scholars will be given the opportunity to apply to be selected to be on the Committee


Graeme Wall - Director – gwall@operascholarsaustralia.com.au
Margot Cory-Wall - Director – mcory-wall@operascholarsaustralia.com.au
Pat Miller - OSA Music Director - patmillerconductor@gmail.com
Jessica Hutchinson - General Manager – jess@operascholarsaustralia.com.au
Lucy Belfrage - Development and Production Manager – lucy@operascholarsaustralia.com.au
Shakira Tsindos - Media and Administration Coordinator – shakira@operascholarsaustralia.com.au