Scholar of the Year


At the OSA Aria in September each year, three scholars are nominated as candidates to be considered for the Opera Scholar of the Year. Each of the three singers chosen are given an opportunity to perform a solo at Opera in the Alps and Opera in the Market. One of the three will be selected to sing their winning aria at Opera in the Market as Opera Scholar of the Year.

Madeleine Crombie_6431 copy.jpg

Past Opera Scholar of the Year Winners
        2016: Stephen Marsh
        2015: Rebecca Rashleigh
Jessica Boyd
        2013: Anna Voshege
        2012: Georgia Wilkinson
        2011: Alexandra Flood
                 Kate Amos
        2010: Nathan Lay
        2009: Nick Jones
        2008: Teresa Duddy
        2007: Catriona Bell
                  Siobhan Stagg
        2006: Boyd Owen
                  Robert Clark
        2005: Jacob Cunningham
        2004: Thomas Strong
        2003: Christopher Diffey

        2002: Helena Dix  

Current Scholar of the Year and recipient of the Betty Amsden AO Scholarship

Madeleine Crombie completed her Bachelor of Music at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in 2015 and is now working with Opera Scholars Australia whilst continuing her vocal studies with Roger Howell. Madeleine will also be working with Melbourne Opera as a chorus member on their productions for the rest of the year. Madeleine recently performed the role of Zerlina from Mozart’s Don Giovanni, with Cordelia’s Potted Operas in July 2016.  In May 2015 Madeleine played the role of ‘Mirror’ in Gordon Kerry’s new opera Snow White and Other Grimm Tales at the Melbourne Recital Centre.


Madeleine has also worked with Victorian Youth Opera in The Play of Herod (2014) and The Grumpiest Boy in the World (2015). Madeleine is currently studying a Masters Degree in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne, which she hopes to complete in mid 2018.